Air Blast Coolers


Chemical water treatment not required.

Cleaning and chlorinations not required.

Sealed system, no contamination of the water algie does not grow.

Water losses through evaporation is eliminated.

Low operating noise levels.

Low operating costs. 

Minimal plan area.

Unsightly plumes of water vapour coming from your cooling equipment is stopped.

V-Type  Coolers for reduced plan area.

Flatbed  Coolers with horizontal or vertical airflow.

Box Type  Fully packaged units incorporating pump, tank and starting equipment.


Tubes Copper      : M.S. or stainless steel

Fins                         : Aluminium, copper, G.I. or stainless steel

Fan                          : Axial type at variable speeds to suit customer requirements

Casework              : Galvanised steel, external painting, aluminium or stainless steel