Air Cooled Chilling Plant


Chiller Shell & Tube type / PHE with insulated.

Consider Air Cooled / Water Cooled Shell & Tube.

Housing with easy access to all components.

Suction gas cooled Fully hermetic compressor with crank case heating.

Sight glass with moisture filter, dryer, cooling agent and oil.

Control panel visual function & Digital temperature controller.

High / Low Pressure Guage and cutout with miniature circuit breaker system.

Function control of all main components with visual indication.

Electrical cabinet accommodating all necessary power and control components.


We define the DEGREE OF QUALITY EXCELLENCE while designing the chilling plant use supporting tools and techniques for quality improvement. All major components are procured from reputed and well known OEM'S. Our chilling plants are fabricated as per customer requirement and application. Refrigeration controls used in systems are imported and ZERO DEFECT to meet exact needs of customer satisfaction.

Model No. Cooling Capacity
Chiller Pump
Water Flow
Water Connection Connected Load
NCP-1001/AC 3000 0.5 750 1.0 1.5
NCP-1002/AC 6000 0.5 1500 1.0 3.0
NCP-1003/AC 9000 1.0 2250 1.0 4.0
NCP-1004/AC 12000 1.0 3000 1.0 5.0
NCP-1005/AC 15000 1.0 3750 1.0 6.0
NCP-1008/AC 24000 1.5 6000 1.5 9.0
NCP-1010/AC 30000 2.0 7500 2.0 11.5